The artwork a business presents to the world says a heck of a lot about who they are. Which is why it’s crucial to get it right. Script understands the importance of this and our design team take not only a creative, but an analytical approach to their work, reading into the connotations their design choices have on a business. Don’t get us wrong, we like to make things look beautiful, but we like to make them beautiful with a purpose!


It’s not surprising that people don’t have much time these days. So what if it takes time for an audience to understand how you work and how you can benefit their lives? At Script we do a great job at using animation to take something complex and make it compelling, clear and simple to understand. And once you’ve got their attention, you’ve got time to tell them more…


To tell a story is to connect with someone on an emotional level, and video is one of the most powerful tools to capture and hold someone’s attention. By the same token, people retain so much more from a video than text and still images on a page. At Script we love to tell the story, and we have very talented story tellers who know how to get your audience to not only hear what you have to say, but to connect with and care about it.


Branding is an incredibly powerful tool in business, it says so much whilst saying nothing at all. Script understands and embraces the power of effective branding and works collaboratively with every client to develop a brand which reflects their product, values and the things they stand for.


Script designs and builds websites that are intuitive, responsive and stunning. User experience is crucial, so this is at the forefront of every decision we make. Whether it’s a website refresh or starting from scratch, Script takes the time to make sure every pixel of the website is considered and crafted to reflect and elevate the brand.


Whether it’s a press release, an e-shot, a social media strategy or a 12 month marketing campaign, Script has the knowledge and the resources to develop an impactful message to effectively reach target audiences. For marketing to truly work we need to know and understand you; it’s a collaborative process.