The Tasty Series - Cannon Hall Farm


Cannon Hall Farm in Cawthorne, South Yorkshire has grown rapidly since it made the transition from a working farm to a tourist attraction in 1989. It is now a hugely popular attraction, with families visiting from all across the UK. The farm still holds strong to its roots and though it puts on events all throughout the year, they all tie in to the working pastoral farm. And the pampered animals are a huge part of what makes the farm such a hit with the families who visit!

The Brief

With award-winning chef Tim Bilton working behind the scenes at the mouth-wateringly good 'The White Bull' restaurant, Cannon Hall Farm wanted to show of his amazing cooking skills and share them with the public for them to be able to recreate signature dishes themselves at home.

The Concept

Cannon Hall Farm wanted to create a series of short step-by-step videos for use on social media in which Tim showcased exactly how to make a selection of his signature dishes. These would be accompanied with recipe and instruction cards which can be picked up from the Cannon Hall Fam farm shop. These types of videos have been a popular trend over 2016-2017 and they wanted in on the action. The Script video team were more than happy to get stuck in and help out, but of course our quality control was of the highest standard, taste testing was a must!

The Result

We approached the films in a hazy rustic style which reflects that of The White Bull, Tim's cooking style and the overall feel of the farm. Using the popular overhead birds-eye static screen and quick edits we produced films which showcased the step-by-step cooking of the dished in a minute or less. Adding quirky on screen graphics to highlight the fun feel to cooking. We loved the end result... and put on a few pounds too!

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