Hallie's Vlog


In 2017 Sheffield Hallam University wanted to test out a fresh new approach at attracting international students and showcasing what the University and Sheffield has to offer, moving away from the interview-led approach they were used to, but they weren’t quite sure what…

The Brief

We suggested the idea of producing a ‘vlog’ style short video following a day in the life of Sheffield Hallam Vietnamese student, Hallie. The video would focus on all Hallie’s favourite areas of Sheffield and the things she enjoys most about being a student in the wonderful city. It was a fresh approach on giving prospective international students an insight into what student life is like outside the academic walls of university life in Sheffield.

The Concept

We wanted to be innovative with video and produce something which had a natural feel to it and gave it Hallie’s own personal touch; letting her personality shine through. The video featured shots of the university and social areas in Sheffield which Hallie herself liked to go. We worked with Hallie to come up with a genuine script which reflected her thoughts and feelings on the city. The vlog was really fun to make for all involved, and Hallie’s personality was infectious which was crucial to the film’s success. Mimicking the shooting style of a vlog was a refreshing approach. We had Hallie jumping into shot, and staging her setting up the camera and pulling it into focus herself. Hallie wrote her key phrases on the chalk board in Vietnamese to create that personal bond with the target audience for this film. Within the edit we included time lapses, jump cuts and casual graphics which resulted in a relaxed and genuine feeling final product.

The Result

The video has been a great success across social media and is one of the highest viewed posts on the Sheffield Hallam University International Facebook page. Go see it at goo.gl/AAJiFL

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