Safer Barnsley


Barnsley Council are always actively working to make the Barnsley a safer place for their residents and communities. They run a collection of campaigns each year to inform and advise people on how they are able to live safe and happy lives in and around the borough.

The Brief

We have worked with the council on a few campaigns in 2015 and 2016 to promote the services and advice they offer to the people of Barnsley.

The Concept

In early 2016, we produced a suite of assets to promote the message 'Pay safe stay safe'. The campaign aimed to make communities aware of the dangers of accepting cheap lifts offered on social media.

We also worked on a campaign targeted towards young adults about the services on offer to those who are victims of sexual harassment. We designed small phone shaped flyers mocked up in the form of a message conversation, to make the content eye-catching and easy to digest.

The Result

The 'Pay safe stay safe' campaign was featured across the Barnsley borough on public signage and beer mats in pubs.

The sexual harassment flyers were handed out all over Barnsley to raise awareness of the services available to those who need it.

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