National Fitness Awards


In 2010, national B2B health and fitness magazine Workout UK wanted to put on an awards event which would recognise the outstanding contribution different gyms and fitness operators of all shapes and sizes make to the industry, so they decided to create the National Fitness Awards.

The Brief

Workout UK wanted the National Fitness Awards to be nationally recognised and revered, with the award being a symbol of status and quality for operators who win in their categories. So they needed a branding which reflected this.

Starting from scratch, Workout UK had one shot for this awards to make an impact on the industry and cement it's reputation for the future.

The Concept

We worked on producing a logo which represented the active theme of the fitness industry but also showcased that the awards was recognising the stars across the UK who have made an impace on their communities.

Workout UK were always clear that they wanted this event to be a night of celebration, fun and luxury, so Script presented them with a theme and brand style which refelcted all of the above.

The Result

Safe to say the first awards was a raging success and now with seven years of awards under their belts, the National Fitness Awards is a highly acclaimed award among businesses in the fitness industry.

Script have produced all branding, promotional material, the website and videos for the event, including all sponsor videos for the likes of Service Sport, Physique Sports and Pulse Fitness, including many more big names.

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