Love Where You Live


Love Where You Live is a campaign was set up in 2014 to get people thinking about how they can actively make positive changes to and make an impact on their community. The brand was established by Barnsley Council but it was the local volunteers and community sector who coined the name of the campaign, respresenting the passion these people have for the place they call home.

The Brief

Since the launch of Love Where You Live, communities all across the borough have been coming together working on a whole host of different schemes to benefit many different people across Barnsley. The Love Where You Live team wanted to shed some light on some of the brilliant stories happening all over Barnsley as a part of the campaign, to show the public how much of a difference they can make from volunteering and working with their community.

The Concept

We worked with the Love Where You Live team and a collection of different community groups to bring to light what they have been doing for their community, and how much of an impact they are having. We interviewed key players within the groups and filmed the groups working on their projects, getting a real inside view into what they do and their motivation behind it, as well as seeing the people they affect.

The Result

The resulting short films were incredibly engaging and eye-opening. A lot of people didn't know these projects were even happening within their own communities. The films helped people to realise what inspiring work was being done to make their community a great place to live.

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