Le Tour


On 28th-30th April 2017 Le Tour was coming to Yorkshire! Starting at Fox Valley and finishing up in Sheffield, the route made its way onto Barnsley turf. Barnsley folks were excited and Barnsley Council wanted to make sure that people knew exactly what to do and where to go to make the most out of the day.

The Brief

The council asked us to produce a collection of artwork to be placed around Barnsley to promote Le Tour in the lead up to the event including a map and infographic style instructions and important information using the bold established colour scheme of the Tour De Yorkshire brand.

The Concept

We were provided with a lot of detailed information which we had to be very strict with to hone down to the simplest pieces of key information in order for the overarching informational poster to work as an infographic. Along with this we also designed lamppost banners and the 'It's coming' banner which was to be set up on the route in Penistone. 

The Result

The resulting suite of material is striking, clean, and captivating. We were proud to have worked on material for such an exciting event which has left such a lasting legacy on Yorkshire since it started 3 years ago.

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