Jacobs Ladder


Jacobs Ladder produce a revolutionary piece of cardio equipment which was originally designed and promoted across the US. Future Fitness UK brought the product to the UK as a reseller and promoted it across a range of fitness industry magazines, trade shows and events.

The Brief

They wanted a suite of designed material to use over the course of a 6 month campaign. They wanted the campaign to be different, and to reflect their slogan 'the ultimate fitness experience' but they weren't quite sure what direction to take.

The Concept

We presented them with a concept that presented the equipment in sweeping views on tough terrain, to imply that using the kit will prepare the user for the toughest of challenges, and this product would equip them with the strength to succeed!

The Result

Future Fitness UK loved the concpt and ran with it, asking us to use the concept on all material for their campaign, to include brochures, flyers, magazine ads, and exhibition banners and stands.

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