idaq Networks


With no reliance on any single third party provider and state of the art wireless technology, Idaq Networks provide super fast and reliable internet services to Sheffield and Rotherham businesses who can't afford to go offline!

The Brief

Idaq Networks have developed a strong presence in Sheffield since 2003. With the development of their technology and the success of their state-of-the-art Icnos product, Idaq concluded that it was time their branding and marketing was brought in line with the modern technology they present to the market. They wanted their logo refreshed, a new website, an animation, POS material and social media support.

The Concept

We focused on creating a cohesive look across the brand to highlight the company’s reputation for reliability and consistency. We were strict to stick to the three core colours from the existing branding. We designed a collection of gifs and infographics to help visually represent the high speed, connected service that Idaq Networks offers. As the business is based in Sheffield and their core target audience is Sheffield we wanted to incorporate recognisable elements of the steel city, so we included graphics of the Sheffield skyline and landscape on the website. All marketing material was built around these core graphics so that everything ties back to the website.

The Result

This highly professional, clean and ultra modern look has already shown it's face across Sheffield and Rotherham at a range of exhibitions, and has had really positive feedback. The animation works wonders in explaining the features and many benefits of Idaq's highly technical and complex Icnos product to prospective customers and partners.

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