Harlands Group


Harlands Group provide flexible Direct Debit collection, administration and management services for a host of different industries and they are a big name in customer membership administration for gyms nationwide from small independents through to national household names. 

The Brief

Harlands Group are proud to say that they have been busy keeping their clients and their customers happy, and they wanted to showcase this. So as a part of their 2017 marketing strategy they decided that they wanted to produce a short film which highlights exactly who they are, how they work and how they help businesses within the fitness industry to achieve success and concentrate on what's most important to them; their own clients and customers.

The Concept

We wanted to concentrate on real life stories from different types of gym owners and managers to find out how using Harlands has helped them to develop over the duration of their relationship. We worked with Harlands to identify different types and sizes of gyms who they have worked with from independents to local authority through to chains. These testimonials would act as a complemantary story to the overarching film which aimed to showcase Harlands 'behind the scenes', helping the viewer to understand how the company works and the people behind it who work hard to achieve success and smooth sailing for their clients and customers.

The Result

We produced four videos for Harlands; one overarching film and three supporting testimonials. The films were short and to the point but they said everything they needed to say. We feel as though the resulting overarching film really helps you to understand the type of company Harlands Group is and the positive, friendly and helpful ethos of the staff. The testimonial films do exactly what they say on the tin; they are a tribute to Harlands' good work and the great relationsips they build with their clients. Overall the suite of films create a glowing picture of the company, and it was a pleasure to work with them!

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