Globe Holidays 2018 Brochure


Globe Holidays is a family owned luxury coach travel company offering day trips and holiday breaks across the breadth and depth of the UK and beyond. We've had the pleasure of building a strong relationship with Globe over the course of 2017, creating a new fresh new brand style for all of their printed marketing materials.

The Brief

Approaching the end of 2017 Globe were looking ahead to their 2018 calendar and needed their annual holiday brochure creating ready for a pre-Christmas launch. Last year the annual brochure was a sweet 16 pager, this year we were looking at a dynamic 56 pages. A sign of the times and testament to the success of Globe's year! With a turnaround of one month we were ready to take on the challenge... 

The Concept

We were starting from scratch creating a brand new design as the 2018 brochure is a completely different beast to what we have worked on with Globe up to this point. We had established a look in the form of adverts, flyers and mini-brochures, but this one needed to be the crème de la crème, the glossy beauty which showed off Globe Holidays as the real luxury option and of course the best coach travel company in Yorkshire!

We wanted the design to be visual and aspirational, projecting the beauty of each holiday to the reader. The concept took a 'picture perfect postcard' approach which met our aims. When we presented the postcard concept to Globe they were really keen but also at this early stage they were eager to see a more finished approach. Once we had the majority of dates and the pages were laid up we created various 'feature' pages throughout including single and double page spreads dedicated to popular holiday destinations. Using striking full page photos, creating a great balance and variation throughout the brochure. The last thing we wanted was for it to be your bog standard holiday brochure with every page the same, it needed to be inspiring and exciting, and we're pretty confident that's what we delivered! We took the more refined look to Globe and they loved it. The great thing about working with Globe is that they know what they want and they aren't afraid to make their opinions known, so when they gave us their feedback we were able to quickly adapt and make changes as necessary. The trickiest part of the process was the front cover. We presented a couple of concepts to Globe which didn't quite hit the mark for them. When they mentioned using taking the picture perfect postcard theme onto the cover we knew we were on to a winner. 

The Result

Working with so many different dates is a real rocky road, with constant changes up 'til the very last minute. So this one certainly kept us on our toes. But the resulting product was one of pure class, and one which reflects the high standards of the Globe Holidays' family.

Paul Bicknell, Director at Globe Holidays had this to say; “With the team at Script it was hassle free. From design brief to concept to final print and production we were involved every step of the way; featuring standout design and fresh imagery this is most certainly the most eye catching brochure launched to date.” Take a look at the full brochure at

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