Feel Good Barnsley


In 2017 Barnsley Council was on a mission – the aim was to get the good people of Barnsley putting themselves first! To inspire them to make an impact on their health and the community around them. And the council was looking for innovative ways to get that ‘Feel Good Barnsley’ message out there.

The Brief

We were tasked with producing a short 2D ‘Feel Good Barnsley’ animation that would inspire the town to be fitter, be healthier and be more positive. The animation had to encourage viewers to make the most of the local facilities and think about themselves, interacting with the community as well as looking at other ways that they could become fitter and healthier together. 

The Concept

Set against familiar backdrops like the local town hall to, hopefully, encourage the audience to relate to the message more, the animation looked at how the town could best use its facilities and improve life for its residents and how the population could help itself and where they should look for assistance including a pharmacy, community centre, shops and services. We tried to capture the feel and atmosphere of the area and keep the colours and characters bright and visual throughout to portray the positive message that things could be improved. The character work featured individuals that were all key framed by hand. The added subtitles pushed the message out immediately  – everyone knew what the video was about even while scrolling through social media on a smartphone – you wouldn't just see images, the subtitles would give everyone an idea what it is about before even clicking it.

The Result

The council was delighted with the end result and we’re loving seeing our work popping up all over social media.

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