Dugdale Bros


Dugdale Bros & Co are cloth merchants based in the very centre of Yorkshire's worsted industry despatching fine cloth from an imposing historic headquarters in Huddersfield. The company offers an impressive collection of high quality cloth to the finest tailors, designers, couturiers and retailers throughout the world. 

The Brief

Robert Charnock, owner of Dugdale Bros and Co, has grown up around cloth and it becomes apparent when you talk to him how incredibly passionate he is about the industry and its history, as it is his family’s history. He wanted to create a series of films showcasing the process of cloth making from the birth of the lamb all the way through to putting on the jacket.

The Concept

We wanted to create something which incorporated the finery of Dugdale along with the rugged and real nature of farming — the very first step in the cloth making process. Whilst talking to Dugdale we were aware of the impending Sheep Shearing Festival at Cannon Hall Farm. So, with a very small window of opportunity we worked with both the farm and Robert to put together a narrative about the very beginning of the journey of the cloth making process.

The Result

The resulting short film works on not only an informative but an educational level; highlighting the importance of understanding where Dugdale Bros & Co’s cloth originates from. This film emphasises the passion Robert Charnock and his family have for their trade and the care and consideration which is taken when sourcing their raw material. The genuine passion and enthusiasm is obvious in both the speakers as their narrative guides the short film. The cutaways of the working farm and the care put into rearing and shearing the sheep really reinforces those words spoken by Robert and David. 

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