Dental Health Campaign


Dental Health among children is an ongoing issue for areas across the UK, and the statistics in Barnsley required improvement so Barnsley Council came up with a fun, educational strategy to engage and encourage young children and their families to change their teeth cleaning habits.

The Brief

The campaign championed the importance of brushing teeth for two minutes, twice a day, from the appearance of the very first tooth. The team at Barnsley Council needed motivational characters and a theme that would capture the attention of young children. They required a suite of assets designed around the theme to be used as part of a regional awareness campaign. 

The Concept

We delivered a suite of designs for the entire campaign - creating a brushing 'superhero' as the underlying theme that was used on everything from information leaflets, educational resources and brushing charts and packs, to internet banners and bus adverts.

The Result

Our designs have been sent to thousands of school children all across Barnsley. Since the campaign launched, the dental health of children in barnsley has improved to the point where Barnsley's local authority progressed from fourth highest in terms dental decay severity among five-year-olds to sixth lowest.

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