Carewise Homes


Carewise Homes Ltd is a group of quality private nursing and residential care homes for the elderly. They aim to provide the very best facilities and care for all residents. The dedication and devotion of highly-trained staff has established their reputation as a group of exceptionally ‘friendly and caring’ homes.

The Brief

Carewise Homes strive to ensure that residents live their lives to the full, not just adding years to their lives, but more importantly life to their years.

It's for this reason that Carewise chose to utilise video as a powerful tool in bringing to life everything a Carewise Home stands for to those on the outside looking in. They wanted their videos to make a positive and reassuring impact on families who are in the difficult position of deciding where to place their loved one into respite or full time care.

The Concept

Residents’ quality of life is greatly enhanced by the comfortable, warm and safe environment that each home provides. Residents’ happiness and serenity is of utmost importance. Each individual's care programme is designed accordingly, to support their individuality and independence. Each resident is encouraged to exercise choice in all aspects of their care.

These are the messages we wanted to ensure we captured in each film, highlighting the personalities and the enthusiasm of the people who make up each individual home. We also wanted to find out from the residents and the families what mattered to them and how they felt about the quality of their care.

The Result

We have been producing films for Carewise Homes during the summer months of the last few years now. Each has been really happy with the end result and they feel the videos have achieved our aims in representing them in their true light. The videos have been featured on individual care homes websites, on, on social media, through email and shared with the families of residents and potential residents.

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