BPL Fitness Flex Walkthroughs


Fitness Flex is Barnsley Premier Leisure's fitness brand; providing 11 gym and fitness facilities across Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster and Pontefract.

The Brief

BPL wanted a walkthrough of each of their 11 sites to better showcase their facilities and services to potential, new and existing clients and customers.

They have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities across all sites and some of the sites are new to their portfolio so they wanted to show these off in a slick, stylish way.

The Concept

We wanted to emulate the journey of the gym-goer, to see the gym through their eyes. Followed by focusing on key characters as they use different gym facilities i.e. free weights, resistance equipment, functional training, etc.

The short films would focus on the quality of the equipment and the brands, and show the users as confident and happy gym-goers to encourage new members to see how these facilities can boost their confidence alongside their fitness.

The Result

Here are a the walkthroughs for Fitness Flex Doncaster, and Fitness Flex Metrodome Barnsley. BPL have been really happy with the results so far, and we are working with them throughout 2017 to put together the collection of 11 films.

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