Blue Light Safety


Blue Light Safety are nationwide providers of total fire safety solutions, and the leading installer of Plumis Automist. Blue Light pride themselves on their extensive background in the fire service industry and have one clear aim; to produce a first class service every time.

The Brief

Since Blue Light became a re-seller and installer of Plumis Automist they created a website separate from their Fire Safety Solutions one which they used to promote the Automist product. This meant that their company was fractured and they wanted to become one entity again with clearly defined branding, and a look that reflected their high quality customer service as well as the fact that they are nationwide suppliers.

The Concept

Their original Fire Safety Solutions website had reams of different pages, often with duplicated information, and the navigation was confusing. By incorporating their Automist website together with this, the amount of information and pages increased further. We worked with Blue Light to identify what was the key information the customer needed to know before they took the next step and got directly in touch with the Blue Light team. We dramatically reduced the amount of pages for the website, and led with strong visuals, using icons to convey those key points which were before presented as paragraphs.

The Result

We focused on a blue, white and slate grey colour scheme to complement their existing logo and to focus the website. The resulting website is consistent across the board, easy to navigate and has clearly defined sections for the various services the company offers.

Danny at Blue Light has worked closely with us every step of the way and he has enjoyed the process, seeing his brand develop. We are now working with him on a 3 month marketing campaign to raise awareness of the Automist product to architects across key areas throughout the UK.

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