Nationwide baby charity, Bliss, works to ensure that all UK babies who are born premature or sick have the best chance of survival and quality of life. When Bliss approached us to design their 2016-2019 strategy summary we were delighted, as they are a charity very close to our hearts.

The Brief

Bliss required a design concept for their 2016-2019 strategy summary, which outlines the charity's strategy and objectives for supporting babies, parents, and healthcare professionals.

The Concept

Due to the nature of the charity, the photos Bliss use have a powerful effect on the viewer. We wanted to ensure we made the most of these photos to put across the importance of the work Bliss carry out, and to really hammer home the aims of the 2016-2019 strategy. So we dedicated single page spreads to individual photos, pairing them with clean and spaced out text on their paired pages. In order to keep the text clear and easy to digest we put key facts and statements into infographics. The finished product tied in neatly with Bliss' brand and existing artwork.

The Result

Bliss have featured the strategy summary on their website to allow all visitors and stakeholders to see what Bliss are aiming to achieve through to 2019.

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