Barnsley Independent Alzheimer's and Dementia Support or BIADS is a charity formed by a group of Barnsley residents who provide support to those who are affected in any way by dementia. The charity is unique to Barnsley and all money raised goes to help support dementia sufferers in Barnsley, and their carers, families and friends in any way they can.

The Brief

BIADS had an existing logo which wasn't tailored to properly represent the ethos and objectives of the charity. They spoke to Script about rebranding their logo to make it truly reflect the work of the BIADS team and volunteers. At this time BIADS had no existing brand guidelines so to ensure the quality of the logo was mirrored in the rest of their marketing material.

The Concept

BIADS liked using the concept of a tree of hearts to symbolise their ethos with connotations of strength, life, support and love. We produced two different concepts for BIADS to choose from and our favourite concept was an instant hit with them. Reimagining the trunk and branches of the sturdy tree as cupped hands with a full overhanging foliage of full and flourishing hearts. BIADS felt this concept fully grasped everything they stand for as a charity.

The Result

We produced the logo in a range of different formats for the charity and have developed it into further variations since to celebrate their fifth birthday and to use also as an ambassador logo. The brand guidelines ensure that all marketing material follows the simple yet striking core colour scheme, ensuring everything is visually tied together and recognisable as the BIADS brand. 

Beyond this we have produced a range of marketing materials for the charity including information packs, certificates and merchandise designs.

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