A-Plant Power Cube Animation


A-Plant is one of the UK’s largest plant, tool and equipment hire companies. A multi-product specialist with a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering solutions for a range of sectors including construction, industrial and infrastructure. In 2014 A-Plant brought the innovative new 'Power Cube' to the market, a very clever energy and money-saving tool which works alongside generators anywhere; from building sites to event sites, even to residential sites who don't have access to the main power grid.

The Brief

The Power Cube is a brilliant energy and money saving product with loads of added benefits, but it proved tricky to explain all this as well as how the technology works in a captivating way. A-Plant got in touch with the team at Script asking us how we could promote the Power Cube, how it works and its benefits in a way which is both snappy and engaging. An animation is the perfect tool to use to convey a tricky and technical product or idea to a wide audience in a clear and simple way, so this was our suggestion to A-Plant.

The Concept

All bespoke assets were drawn individually in Adobe Illustrator including the Power Cube, the generator and the drying rooms. These were layered on top of a building site scene to add depth and dimension to the animation. We positioned the Power Cube on a building site scene; one which A-Plant identified as a key target audience for the product. By visually comparing how the pod works with a generator against the use of a generator on it's own, we managed to make the complexity of the technology far easier not not only understand but to identify the benefits as well.

The Result

The animation very clearly and succinctly outlined the benefits of the Power Cube technology, and was played to key players in the industry at an industry exhibition in London. The animation successfully promoted the Power Cube to A-Plant's target audience, influencing the successful sales of the product.

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